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I am an amateur photographer, living in upstate NY, USA, looking to improve my skills and to find inspiration. There are many many resources online. So much so, it can seem pretty chaotic and overwhelming. As I sort through it to find things that help me, I am posting many of those resources here. Things that I learn, I am posting here. And, I am partnering with some other authors who are willing to share their knowledge with us, resulting in some great tutorials that will be posted on this site.

Part of getting better, is getting out to shoot. I don’t travel a lot, besides going back and forth to work. And sometimes, getting out to shoot is tough. Knowing what to shoot is sometimes a challenge. I will hopefully be able to provide some resources here that give people some inspiration, and help to get past that feeling of not knowing what to photograph. Come here to find photos that I take while I learn, and sources of online inspiration that help me keep shooting.

So take a look around, leave some comments, and use the contact page to let me know if there is something that you are stuck on, or if you have a tip that can help me and the other readers here.